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The Fukuoka International Business Association (FIBA) is an association in which people at the forefront of Fukuoka’s business, academics, and government circles are invited to come together and exchange ideas and opinions on issues related to doing business in Fukuoka.

( April, 2011 )

FIBA Business News Summaries

Summaries of recent business orientated news stories related to the Fukuoka / Kyushu region in English. Click on the RSS button to subscribe.

Homegrown Venture Company’s Programming App Adding Users at a Fever Pitch

Shikumi Design, a Fukuoka-based venture company that provides a range of digital solutions, is gaining attention for Springin’, a smartphone app that allows users to learn how to program intuitively without any knowledge of programming languages. The app was only downloaded about 10,000 times in 2017, but this number jumped to more than 80,000 by last May. The company believes the rapid increase is due to the fact that the government will make programming education compulsory starting next fiscal year. Shikumi Design will also create a curriculum based around its app that educators can use.

( January, 2020 )
Chuo Ward Ranks Number One in Nationwide Livability Ranking

Daito Trust Construction Co. released the results of its annual survey on livability, which takes factors like convenience and safety into account, and Fukuoka City’s Chuo Ward took first place. (The runners up included Tokyo’s Chuo Ward and Osaka’s Tennoji Ward,) Chuo Ward received high marks from survey respondents for its convenience and down-to-earth atmosphere. Another contributing factor was reasonable rents.

( January, 2020 )
Taiwan-Japan Cultural Exchange Center Opens in Munakata

The Taiwan-Japan Cultural Exchange Center opened inside the Munakata Resort Hotel in Munakata City. The center houses documents and resources about Taiwan and is used for exhibits, workshops and other events. Plans are also in the works to open a restaurant offering authentic Taiwanese cuisine, hold regular screenings of Taiwanese films, and release lanterns into the sky like the annual lantern festival in Taiwan.

( January, 2020 )
Fukuoka Lands on CNN Travel’s “19 Best Places to Visit in 2019”

At the beginning of every year, CNN Travel, which is run by U.S.-based news network CNN, released its “Best Places to Visit” list. In 2019, Fukuoka made the list as the only entry from Japan. Fukuoka ranked alongside the likes of Christchurch, New Zealand and Egypt, and was noted for “Fascinating history. Incredible eats. Natural beauty.” The article featured a photo of Kokura Castle and mentioned sites including the Fukuoka Castle ruins and Yanagawa’s canals as well as tonkotsu ramen.

( January, 2020 )
Brave Blossoms Member Kenki Fukuoka Meets Governor at the Prefectural Office

On Nov. 22, Kenki Fukuoka, a Fukuoka native and member of the Brave Blossoms, Japan’s national rugby team, met with Governor Ogawa in the first-floor lobby of the Prefectural Office to report on his participation in the 2019 Rugby World Cup. Rugby fans packed the lobby to see Fukuoka, who thanked them for their support, commented on the team’s historic achievement of reaching the quarterfinals and discussed his mindset ahead of the Tokyo Olympics. Governor Ogawa presented him with a letter of appreciation and said he looked forward to seeing Fukuoka and the rest of the team play for a medal at the Olympics.

( January, 2020 )
Fukuoka Foreign Investment Promotion Seminar 2020 to be Held in Tokyo

On Mar. 9, the Prefecture-sponsored Fukuoka Foreign Investment Promotion Seminar will be held at JETRO’s Head Office in Tokyo. The Prefecture aims to showcase the potential of Fukuoka Prefecture as a hub of Asian business by discussing the Prefecture’s industry and startup promotion policies and highlighting initiatives aimed at creating new value through joint ventures involving local companies. A foreign company planning to set up an office in Fukuoka will also attend the seminar. After the talk, a networking event featuring local specialty goods will be held. Inquiries: Fukuoka Foreign Investment Promotion Council Secretariat (Tel: 092-643-3441, E-mail info@investfk.jp)

( January, 2020 )
FAIN to Attend Singapore Air Show

As part of its efforts to encourage local companies to enter the aircraft industry, the Fukuoka Aircraft Industry Network (FAIN) will participate in the Singapore Air Show, the largest international aerospace event in Asia, in Feb. 2020. FAIN will publicize the technical prowess of local companies and hold business meetings with foreign buyers as it strives to raise the name recognition of Fukuoka and develop new sales channels.

( December, 2019 )
Fukuoka Motor Show 2019 to be Held

Fukuoka Motor Show 2019 will be held in Fukuoka City Dec. 20~23. The show is held once every two years to showcase Northern Kyushu as a hub for the automobile industry and highlight its potential. The latest Japanese concept cars will be on display as well as around 200 motorcycles and cars from 38 Japanese and foreign manufacturers. Admission: ¥1,500 for adults (¥1,300 in advance), ¥1,200 for university and technical school students (¥1,000 in advance), free for high school students and under. Inquiries: Fukuoka Motor Show Secretariat (092-711-5583) http://www.fukuoka-motorshow.jp/

( December, 2019 )
Kyushu University on Pace to Produce Another Startup

A project of the Kyushu University Medical Institute of Bioregulation supported by FFG Venture Partners has been selected by the Tokyo-based Japan Science and Technology Agency for its startup support program. The project aims to develop an analytical system that can be used to diagnose diseases and predict the side-effects of medications. Before establishing the company, Kyushu University will develop a system to streamline analysis and seek to reduce the time and cost involved. The Agency will fund the project for three years, providing up to ¥90 million in subsidies. The university aims to establish a startup company in or after fiscal 2022.

( December, 2019 )
Fukuoka City Opens New Facility to Assist with the Development of 5G Services

Fukuoka City installed a next-generation 5G network antenna at the city’s startup incubator Fukuoka Growth Next and opened the 5G Lab to develop services using 5G, which is slated for a full commercial roll-out next spring. The Kyushu branch of NTT Docomo, which installed the antenna, is providing support for the project. By ensuring that startups will have the earliest access to the new 5G network, the City hopes this will encourage the spread of the latest technologies in areas such as autonomous driving and remote medical care.

( December, 2019 )