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October 30, 2019
A networking event was held by domestic and overseas business people
October , 2019
"Hakata Jidori [local chicken] (breast meat)" has been certified as a Food with Function Claims

A networking event was held by domestic and overseas business people

The Fukuoka International Business Association (FIBA) is an organization that was formed in order to support networking for overseas businesspeople primarily active in Fukuoka as well as Japanese individuals engaged in international business ventures.

This organization hosts exchange events several times per year for exchanges of Fukuoka business-related information, and one such event was held on October 30th at the Governor's Residence.

Around 50 people participated in a lively exchange of opinions at this event, including Mr. Masaharu Okada, the chairman of the FIBA and Professor at the International Legal Office of Kyushu University, and Mr. Nick Szasz, the CEO of 'Fukuoka Now Ltd.', a developing business in Fukuoka that provides timely and practical information for living in Fukuoka and Kyushu via informational magazines and their website.

FIBA's activities contribute to the promotion of attracting overseas companies to Fukuoka. In addition to transmitting information about Fukuoka to the world, it is also anticipated that their activities will serve as impetus for for overseas companies to advance towards Fukuoka.

For an overview of FIBA and its activities , please check their official website (Opens in a new window)


Lively exchanges of ideas were held at the venue

At the end of the event, a commemoratory photograph was taken with the attendees

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"Hakata Jidori [local chicken] (breast meat)" has been certified as a Food with Function Claims

"Hakata Jidori [local chicken] " is a brand of free range chicken produced in Fukuoka, which was born from the idea to "make Fukuoka Prefecture's local cuisine of chikuzenni and mizutaki even more delicious"

Recently, with the support of the Fukuoka Bio Valley Project that is being promoted by Fukuoka Prefecture, for its expected effects of supporting some cognitive functions (relatively new memories) that easily decline in advanced age, the breast meat of "Hakata Jidori [local chicken] " is the first fresh meat to be recognized by the Consumer Affairs Agency as a Food with Function Claims.

"Hakata Jidori [local chicken] " was developed in 1987 by the Fukuoka Agriculture and Forestry Research Center using Fukuoka prefecture gamecocks as the paternal lineage. It has approximately 40% more umami components than Broiler chickens, with smooth meat that is more flavorful the more you chew it and a good, crispy mouthfeel-- there are fans of Hakata Chicken all throughout the nation. 572,000 birds were shipped last year, putting it at the top of the Kyushu free range chicken market for the second year in a row.

We encourage everyone to savor the flavors and health-maintaining benefits of "Hakata Jidori [local chicken] ."

*The Fukuoka Bio Valley Project centers around the "Fukuoka Bio-Industry Center Promotion Council", comprised of industry/academia/government, focusing on"drug discovery" and "food products". It supports the promotion of corporate R&D as well as the development of Foods with Function Claims.


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