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Enjoy Safe Cycling—Bicycle Insurance To Become Mandatory—

 Bicycles are used by many people as a common means of transportation for various purposes in their daily lives, such as commuting to work and school. On the other hand, in recent years, the traffic rule violations and bad manners of bicycle users have become a problem, and there have been cases of expensive compensation claims due to accidents in which bicycle users damaged others.
 The Fukuoka Prefectural Government will revise the bicycle regulations, making it mandatory for bicycle users to have bicycle insurance effective from October 1, 2020. If you are a bicycle user, first check if you have bicycle insurance. If not, be sure to buy it by the end of September in case you cause an accident.

■Basic cycling rules

・In principle, ride on the road. Sidewalk riding is allowed only in exceptional cases.
・Keep to the left of the road.
・On sidewalks, yield to pedestrians and proceed slowly on the side closest to the road.

■Follow safety rules

・Turn on headlights at night.
・Obey traffic lights.
・Riding double or side-by-side is prohibited.
・Using a mobile phone while riding is prohibited.
・Riding a bicycle that is not equipped with brakes is prohibited.
・Listening to music or audio at high volume while riding is prohibited.
・Riding while under the influence of alcohol is prohibited.
・Using an umbrella while riding is prohibited.
・Stop at intersections and check both ways for safety.
・Children and senior citizens should wear a helmet.
・Perform routine maintenance.

■ Rediscover the Charm of Fukuoka Through Cycling!

 Micro-tourism is a new style of travel, in which locals enjoy local sightseeing. In Fukuoka Prefecture, there are 10 cycling roads. Why don’t you ride a bicycle and experience the charms of the immediate area, such as scenery and food?
 For details, please see “Cycle & Trail FUKUOKA”.

■ Enjoy Comfortable Cycling by Using “Fukuoka Cycle Stations”

 The Prefectural Government has registered “Fukuoka Cycle Stations,” where bicycle riders can easily drop by and use various services. Please stop by when cycling.

(Examples of services provided)
・Cycle stands
・Restrooms, bicycle tools, and sports bicycle inflators
・Sale/supply of drinking water, provision of tourist information, etc.

 To all cyclists in Fukuoka Prefecture [PDFファイル/3.53MB]






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