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Prepare for disasters.Revised Multilingual Disaster Prevention Handbook for Foreign Residents

Prepare for disasters.
Revised Multilingual Disaster Prevention Handbook for Foreign Residents

 Japan is a country that is prone to natural disasters, such as typhoons, heavy rains, sediment disasters, and earthquakes, due to its natural conditions, such as climate and geographical location. The Fukuoka Prefectural Government has created the “Disaster Prevention Handbook for Foreigners” in multiple languages, which summarizes basic information about these disasters to raise public awareness of disaster preparation.
 We recently revised the handbook to make it easier to understand how to prepare for these disasters, how to respond appropriately in the event of a disaster, and how to obtain disaster prevention information.
 Please download the handbook from the following to prepare for disasters on a daily basis.

防災1 防災パンフ2 防災パンフ3

Easy Japanese [PDFファイル/6.6MB]

English [PDFファイル/6.39MB]

Chinese [PDFファイル/6.64MB]

Korean [PDFファイル/6.44MB]

Tagalog [PDFファイル/6.43MB]

Vietnamese [PDFファイル/6.5MB]

Nepali [PDFファイル/5.84MB]





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