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Call for Donations to Support Healthcare Workers

 Due to the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19), medical workers are devotedly providing treatment and care for infected persons in spite of the risk of their own infection.
 As an expression of our gratitude and support to them, the Fukuoka Prefectural Government will provide them with "Fukuoka Prefecture COVID-19 medical worker support money."
 We have opened a donation account for this purpose. Your cooperation is highly required.

How to donate

 We accept donations at the following financial institutions.

(1) The Bank of Fukuoka

  • Bank Code    0177
  • Branch name       県庁内支店(213)
  • Type of account          普通預金
  • Account number             1213390
  • Account name (Kanji)      福岡県新型コロナウイルス医療従事者応援金
  • Account name (Katakana)     フクオカケンシンガタコロナウイルスイリョウジュウジシャオウエンキン

* Transfers from The Bank of Fukuoka [including FFG (Kumamoto Bank, Shinwa Bank, Eighteenth Bank)] through bank tellers and online banking are free of charge. (Transfers through ATMs are charged.)
* Transfers through bank tellers at Nishi-Nippon City Bank, Chikuho Bank, Fukuoka Chuo Bank, Kitakyushu Bank, Kyushu Labour Bank, Fukuokaken Shinyo Kumiai, Fukuoka-Hibiki Shinkin Bank, Onga Shinkin Bank, Iizuka Shinkin Bank, Tagawa Shinkin Bank, Fukuoka Shinkin Bank, Chikugo Shinkin Bank, Ohkawa Shinkin Bank, Omuta Yanagawa Shinkin Bank, Shinsei Bank, and Agricultural Cooperatives in Fukuoka Prefecture are free of charge. (Transfers through ATMs and Internet banking are charged.)

(2) Japan Post Bank

  • Account code/number    00940-1-237592
  • Account name (Kanji)    福岡県新型コロナウイルス医療従事者応援金

* Transfers to the account of Japan Post Bank can be accepted only through the tellers of Japan Post Bank and post offices.
* Transfers only through tellers are free of charge. (Transfers through ATMs and internet banking are charged.)

Tax deduction for donations

 This support money will be provided to medical workers directly through private medical institutions. Tax deduction for donations is not applied.
If you need a donation receipt, please send the following information (1) to (6) to the contact below by e-mail or fax. After confirming the transfer date, amount and remitter name, we will send you a receipt.

 [Required information]
  (1) Transfer date
  (2) Amount
  (3) Remitter name (Katakana)
  (4) Name of the individual or group to which the receipt should be issued
  (5) Delivery address of the receipt
  (6) Telephone number


Gratitude and support messages to medical workers

 We are introducing gratitude and support messages from persons associated with Fukuoka Prefecture to medical workers. We will continue to introduce messages on this website as soon as we receive them.




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