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Attractiveness of sightseeing in Fukuoka Prefecture

As seen from the existence of Dazaifu (former imperial office governing the Kyushu region) and Korokan (former guest house for foreign embassies), Fukuoka Prefecture has long served as a gateway to Asia, including the Chinese mainland and the Korean peninsula.
In various areas, the Prefecture still features famous sights with historic and cultural attractions.

Dazaifu Tenmangu-1

Dazaifu Tenmangu; the head shrine of many Tenmangu shrines all over Japan dedicated to the spirit of Sugawara no Michizane, well known as a god of academic achievements. Its precinct is beautified with flowers including the legendary “flying plum tree” (tobiume),” plum trees (ume), azaleas and irises. <Dazaifu City>

Ruins of Dazaifu Government Office-1

Ruins of Dazaifu Government Office; from the Nara period through Heian period the Dazaifu Government Office governed the Kyushu region and served as a negotiating forum between Japan and foreign countries. Some foundation stones still remain at the site, which has been turned into a historic park.<Dazaifu City>

Cherry tree alley at the Akizuki Castle Ruins-1

Cherry tree alley at the Akizuki Castle Ruins; ruins of Akizuki Castle, built by Nagaoki Kuroda in 1624, still resonate with a historic and cultural atmosphere. A row of 300 cherry trees turns into a tunnel of cherry blossoms in spring. <Asakura City>

Ozuka Tomb-1

Ozuka Tomb is a keyhole-shaped tomb built in the middle of the 6th century. It is also a decorated tomb with vividly colored paintings inside its stone chamber and has been designated as a special historical site. <Keisen Town>

Fukuoka Prefecture is rich in nature; the Prefecture is not only surrounded on three sides by the sea, but is also located close to beautiful mountains. The Prefecture is a perfect place for sightseeing, hiking and water sports.

Chikugo River-1

Chikugo River; Kyushu’s largest river that originates on Mt. Aso, runs through the Chikushi Plain and flows into the Ariake Sea. In the upstream area there are some rustic spa resorts including Chikugogawa Onsen Hot Spring. In this area people can enjoy watching a cormorant fishing show in summer.<Kurume City, etc.>

Mt. Hikosan-1

Mt. Hikosan; a sacred mountain described as one of the three great Shugendo training sites. Tiny shrines and historic sites, behind which hide numerous myths and legends, are dotted over the area, thus creating a mystic atmosphere. You can appreciate the beauty of seasonal nature including autumn foliage. <Soeda Town>

Hiraodai Plateau-1

Hiraodai Plateau; one of the most famous karst tablelands in Japan. Under the plateau are rare limestone caves. <Kitakyushu City>

City and industrial tours are one of Fukuoka's finest attractions.
Fukuoka prefecture offers a wide variety of activities including shopping, eating,golf and hot springs in Fukuoka Prefecture.

Canal City Hakata-1

Canal City Hakata; a commercial complex with a total site area of 34,700 square meters. Along a 180-meter long artificial canal are a wide range of facilities such as a theater, cinemas, hotels, shops, restaurants, a gallery and offices. Live performances in an event area are among the popular attractions here. <Fukuoka City>

Fukuoka Yahoo! Japan Dome-1

Fukuoka Yahoo! Japan Dome; Japan's first retractable-roof stadium used not only for baseball, but also for American football, concerts, exhibitions and other events. <Fukuoka City>

Hakata's famous “Yatai” (food stalls)-1

Hakata's famous “Yatai”(food stalls); here you can taste local specialties such as “Hakata ramen noodles” at low prices.<Fukuoka City>

Seaside Momochi-1

Seaside Momochi; a cluster of beautiful and sophisticatedly designed buildings. Trendy shops as well as cultural and commercial facilities are located in this district. <Fukuoka City>

Moji Port Retro Area-1

Moji Port Retro Area; a city sightseeing spot combining new city functions and a traditional streetscape that takes you back to the old days when it first became a bustling international trading port.<Kitakyushu City>


In Yanagawa, a riverside district, you can enjoy a river cruise that will stir your poetic imagination. Time required: about 70 min. <Yanagawa City>

Utilizing the "Kyushu Asia Tourism Island Special District" legislation issued in 2013, Fukuoka Prefecture has a Kyushu area-limited edition training program for "Special District" tour guides who can both interpret and guide tours in Chinese, Korean, and Thai. As of August 2016, a total of 207 "Special District" tour guides have completed the program. Fukuoka Prefecture will continue to put its effort in developing more "Special District" tour guides as it welcomes all visitors and guests to the region with superior hospitality.

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