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The travel experience site "Voyagin" provides experiences you can only find in Fukuoka!

At Voyagin, a site which sells a broad variety of Japanese experience programs for tourists visiting Japan, a special new page has been created where you can apply for experience programs that can only be experienced in Fukuoka Prefecture.

For those interested in traveling to Fukuoka, or those who'd like to spend a holiday in Fukuoka engaging in experiences that are just a little different from the usual, we encourage you to visit Voyagin's website.

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Check out Voyagin's special Fukuoka page here (Opens in a new window)

Their sales offering include 8 different programs, including a course where, under professional guidance, you can become an authentic samurai and engage in "tameshigiri" (target cutting) with a real sword. In another course, you can enjoy the finest Yame tea and Japanese sweets in a historical space that has been designated as a Cultural Property.

From the numerous experience programs that are held in Fukuoka Prefecture for international visitors, Voyagin has carefully selected ones that are considered to be high-value for tourists visiting Fukuoka, and furthermore, using advice from international experts, the contents of those programs have been further refined to meet the needs of international tourists.

These are experiences that are difficult to find even for residents of Japan. Wouldn't you like take part in Fukuoka experiences that will leave memories to last a lifetime?

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