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A "Work in Kyushu" Symposium/Exchange Event was held

Work in Kyushu is a matching site that connects Kyushu businesses with international students. This site is operated by the "Kyushu Global Human Resources Promotion Project" which was established by the 7 prefectures of Kyushu (including Fukuoka), the Kyushu Bureau of Economy, Trade, and Industry, and the Kyushu Economic Federation. The site supports overseas students in finding employment at local businesses, and promotes the globalization of Kyushu's economy.

On 22 January, a symposium entitled "There Are Students Who Want to Work In Kyushu" was held. At the symposium the president of a company with many active international  employees explained the importance of revitalizing companies after gaining an understanding of international employees' opinions and thought processes. There was also a detailed explanation from an immigration lawyer lecturer about the qualifications needed to obtain "Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services" and "Designated Activities"  residency statuses for working in Japan, and what kind of work to look for. Additionally, a staff member of a company that hired international students via Work In Kyushu talked about their experiences, what they thought about, and if they were careful in contacting international students, all the way from initially approaching the international students, to the interview process. They also talked about the successes of the international students after they were hired.

An exchange event was held after the symposium where the participating international students actively exchanged business cards containing their school names/e-mail addresses with company staff members as they engaged in active discussions on job details, in-demand human resources, job satisfaction, and more.

photo of the symposium

students exchanging business cards students talking with company staffs

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