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"CATHRI" is a new brand born through a collaboration between Fukuoka's traditional craft "Kurume Kasuri" and BEAMS!


BEAMS, a casual fashion brand that commands tremendous popularity among young people, has launched 'CATHRI' new brand for Kurume Kasuri, overseen by BEAMS Planets, which carefully selects and sells seasonal products.

4 product types were developed for this brand: T-shirts, tunics, dresses, and skirts. Capitalizing on the pleasant texture of Kurume Kasuri, these are casual clothes that you can wear as you walk around town. From mid-March 2020, the 'CATHRI' brand will be sold at BEAMS Fukuoka in Fukoka City, as well as Jibasan Kurume in Kurume City, as well as BEAMS Planets (2 stores) in Kanto and Kansai.

Kurume Kasuri is a cotton fabric that is characterized by white patterns atop indigo cloth; its attractive points include that it is cool in summer, warm in winter, and the more you wear it, the better it fits your skin, and the texture increases as well.

Why not take a walk around town casually wearing Kurume Kasuri, a traditional craft that is the pride of Fukuoka?


["CATHRI" Brand Product Lineup]


Fukuoka News01

      T Shirt 23,100JPY



Fukuoka News02

       Tunic 52,800 JPY

Kurume Kasuri textile manufacturer involved in production: Ikeda Kasuri Workshop, Nishihara Textiles



Fukuoka News03

      Dress 52,800JPY


Fukuoka News04

       Skirt 57,200 JPY

Kurume Kasuri textile manufacturers involved in production: Ikeda Kasuri Workshop, Nishihara Textiles, Moriyama Kasuri Workshop


[Sales Locations (Planned)] Sales will start from mid-March 2020 [planned]

  • ・BEAMS Fukuoka (Fukuoka PARCO New Bldg. 1-2F, 2-11-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka)
  • ・BEAMS Planets Yokohama (JOINUS 2F,1-5-1 Minamisaiwai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa)
  • ・BEAMS Kansai Airport (Kansai International Airport Terminal 1 3F, 1 Sensyu-Kukou-Kita, Izumisano-shi, Osaka)
  • ・Jibasan Kurume (5-8-5 Higashiaigawa, Kurume-shi, Fukuoka)



A "Traditional Craft"refers to a handicraft that meet the requirements (primarily used in everday life, the primary manufacturing process is done by hand, and involves techniques or methods that have been used for 100 years or more) established by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry. Within the prefecture there are seven such crafts (Hakata-ori, Hakata-ningyo, Kurume Kasuri, Koishiwara-yaki, Yame Fukushima Butsudan, Agano-yaki, and Yame Chochin). For more details, please check out this website (Opens in a new window.)

"For more information, please check out our website here."

The Hawaiian Airlines Fukuoka - Honolulu line has started operation

On November 27th, Hawaiian Airlines began operation of their Fukuoka-Honolulu line.

In 1981, Fukuoka Prefecture and Hawaii formed a sister-city cooperation, and have a rich history of exchanges across a variety of fields, including tourism, culture, and economy.

This new airline is expected to further increase the vibrant exchanges between Fukuoka Prefecture and Hawaii.

Please check Fukuoka Airport's webpage for flight schedules and more. (Opens in a new window)


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