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August 9th, 2019
Tenjin Central Park's Nish-Nakasu area is now open after being renovated!
August , 2019
[Notice] The Fukuoka Motor Show 2019 will be held!

Tenjin Central Park's Nish-Nakasu area is now open after being renovated!

Tenjin Central Park's Nishi Nakasu Area has been reborn as a peaceful and prosperous urban oasis.

The core of the renovation is the "HARENO GARDEN EAST&WEST", named after the pleasant feelings of a park on a sunny day. EAST has attractive terrace seating where you can enjoy unique riverside scenery. WEST is marked by its large staircase and roof deck. Also, the "Former Fukuoka Prefecture Public Hall Distinguished Guest House" and the "Fuku-Haku Deai Bridge" will be lit up at night.
There are 4 open restaurants representing Fukuoka in the park. Eat take-out food as your walk around the park, or enjoy strolling through the fantastic night scenery. We encourage you to find your own personal way of enjoying the park.

Fukuoka News-1
Tenjin Central Park's Nishi Nakasu Area

Fukuoka News-2

Fukuoka News-3
Rest facilities

Fukuoka News-4
Scenery from Meiji-dori side

Fukuoka News-5

[Shop Introduction]

Fukuoka News-6

A "soy café-bar" that seeks out new ways to enjoy tofu.
A collection of healthy and delicious menu items, such as the 'soy-presso' made with soymilk.

Fukuoka News-7
Hakata Yasaimaki Kushi-ya Naruto
Vegetable rolls with seasonal Hakata vegetables wrapped in meat, delicious and gorgeous to look at

Fukuoka News-8
A cafe that is open during the daytime. Enjoy salad plates and bubble tea drinks.
They also provide motsunabe and mizutaki at night.

Fukuoka News-9
A collaboration store between the popular Fukuoka stores "pain stock" and "COFFEE COUNTY." Enjoy freshly-baked bread and a selection of coffee.

Please check the homepage for information about accessing the park.

[Notice] The Fukuoka Motor Show 2019 will be held!

From December 20-23 2019, the "Fukuoka Motor Show 2019" will be held at Marine Messe Fukuoka, Fukuoka Kokusai Center, and the Fukuoka International Congress Center, etc.
At the Marine Messe Fukuoka, concept cars and the latest commercial models from Japanese automakers will be exhibited, and test-drives will be held. There will also be an outdoor exhibition of firetrucks, patrol cars, and police motorcycles, and on the 21st and 22nd at the "Shuccho! Fukuoka Motor Show" held in Marinoa City Fukuoka, visitors can can experience a support car and riding in a self-driving bus.

Fukuoka News-10
Image of the Fukuoka Motor Show 2017

Aiming to construct a leading major automobile production base in Asia, Fukuoka Prefecture is working together with industries, government, and academia to promote the automobile industry. As part of this effort, The Fukuoka Motor Show is an event held every 2 years, designed to share the charms and pleasures of cars with numerous people, and transmit the fact that Northern Kyushu, including Fukuoka, is a world-leading automobile production base. The event is a valuable opportunity to experience the wonders and pleasures of cars. We encourage you to visit.

Dates: 20 Dec 2019 (Fri) ~ 23 Dec 2019 (Mon) 9:30~18:00 (Ends at 17:00 on the 23rd (Monday)
Theme: A future in which humans and cars are connected
Entry fee: General 1,500 JPY (Advance sales 1,300JPY)
 College students/Vocational School students 1,200 JPY (Advance sales 1,000JPY) *Must present student ID
 High school students or younger Free entry

Please check the official website for information about accessing the venue and ticket purchases.

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Image of the Fukuoka Motor Show 2017

Fukuoka News-12
Image of the Fukuoka Motor Show 2017

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