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Fukuoka News

November, 2018
Export of Fukuoka Packaged Rice to China Has Begun
November 2th, 2018
T'Way Air Kitakyushu-Muan Line Service Begins
November, 2018
Notice: Air Asia X Fukuoka-Kuala Lumpur Line Now in Service

Export of Fukuoka Packaged Rice to China Has Begun

The Fukuoka Rice Export Promotion Council has begin exporting Fukuoka-produced packaged rice "Genki Tsukushi" to China since early November in three cities: Shanghai, Beijing, and Nanking.
PR and business discussions regarding these packaged rice products were held at Food & Hotel China 2018, one of the largest exhibitions in China held from November 13 to 15.

Place of Sales

Shanghai: Sold at Department Store Shanghai Takashimaya
Beijing: Food Ingredient at Japanese Restaurant Nampo
Nanjing: Sold at Commercial Facility Nanking Horizontal

Fukuoka News-1
Meshimaru Genki Tsukushi Packaged Rice

Fukuoka News-2
Food & Hotel China 2018

T'Way Air Kitakyushu-Muan Line Service Begins

On November 2, T'way Air launched the Kitakyushu-Muan Line. An increase in exchanges between Fukuoka Prefecture and South Korea is expected with the launch of this new service. Currently available at Kitakyushu Airport are international flights to Busan, Seoul, Siangyang and Taipei, and now Muan.
Please see flight schedule on the Kitakyushu Airport website for more details.

Fukuoka News-3
Vice Governor Eguchi was in attendance at the commemoration ceremony

Notice: Air Asia X Fukuoka-Kuala Lumpur Line Now in Service

AirAsia X has launched a direct flight service from Fukuoka to Kuala Lumpur. It will be the first direct service to Malaysia from Fukuoka Airport since 2006, and the first such flight to the airport in Kyushu as AirAsia X.
With the AirAsia network being the largest LLC in Asia, serving over 120 cities in 20 countries now connected to Fukuoka Airport, there is expected to be a growth in various business and sightseeing exchanges not just in Fukuoka and Malaysia, but in other Asian regions as well.

Fukuoka-Kuala Lumpur Line Overview

Service Begins: Friday, March 1, 2019
Ticket Sales Start: November 30, 2018
Flight Frequency: Four round trips per week
Number of seats: 377 seats (12 premium, 365 economy)
Flight Schedule from Fukuoka to Kuala Lumpur (1 hour time difference from Japan) :
Monday, Sunday Service: 8:00AM Departure, 1:00PM Arrival
Wednesday, Friday Service: 8:25AM Departure, 1:25PM Arrival
From Kuala Lumpur to Fukuoka:
Saturday, Sunday Service: 11:50PM Departure, 7:00AM Arrival, following morning
Tuesday, Thursday Service: 11:50PM Departure, 7:10AM Arrival, following morning

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Service is via Airbus A330 aircraft

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