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Fukuoka Prefectural Government (Administrative Organization)



Fukuoka Prefectural Government Organization Chart

Fukuoka Prefectural Government (Administrative Organization)-1

Also, the executive branch includes the administrative committees, such as election administration commission, personnel commission, audit and inspection commission, and labor relations commission.

Fukuoka Prefecture Comprehensive Plan

As of March 2012, the prefecture has aimed towards having the "Highest Resident Well-Being in Japan", so that citizens can feel happy to be born in and live in Fukuoka Prefecture. A comprehensive plan was devised to show the ideal goals to be aimed for and the measures needed to reach them.
A new plan has been developed as of March 2017, based on the results and socioeconomic changes thus far as well as the strengths of Fukuoka Prefecture. This plan strives to reach the "Highest Resident Well-Being in Japan" goal faster, promoting prefectural administration.

1 Term

5 Years (FY2017-2021)

2 Policy Initiatives

(1)Fukuoka Prefecture's Ideal Goals

  1. Formerly, Fukuoka Prefecture was a major hub facing Asia on the coast of the Sea of Japan.
  2. A Fukuoka Prefecture that brings its citizens' dreams to life, and gives them hope for the future.
  3. A Fukuoka Prefecture where anyone can settle down and live out a happy life.

(2) From 3 perspectives detailed ~Promotion of policies that make citizens feel happy, warm, and safe~

  1. A vibrant and growing economy, and the creation of attractive employment opportunities
  2. So that the young may be raised in a secure environment
  3. So that children and the young may follow and achieve their dreams in the future
  4. So that the female population can energetically participate in the workforce
  5. So that senior citizens and people with disabilities can be secure live life to the fullest
  6. So that everyone may live a happy and healthy life
  7. A society where heart-warmth and human bonds are felt
  8. So that we may enjoy a rich cultural life and be connected with the wider world
  9. A safe and secure environment devoid of disasters, crime and accidents
  10. So that we are in harmony with the environment and may live in accordance to it

(3) Fundamental approaches to policy promotion

  1. Hands-on approach, resident-centric viewpoint, administration with warmth
  2. Strengthening of bonds between municipalities and all prefectures of Kyushu, etc.
  3. Establishment of favorable environment for improving the effectiveness of policies

(4) Promotion of regional revitalization via bonds with muncipalities

Sharing our three key strategies with municipalities: "Cultivating jobs, cultivating people, and cultivating the region"


Key Objectives for the Budget for Fiscal-Year 2020

1. Fundamental Philosophy Behind the Budget Reform

In the initial budgeting for 2020, we formulated a 14-month budget integrated with the revisions from February of 2019 (economic measures), and in addition to accelerating heavy rainfall disaster recovery/restoration/disaster prevention & mitigation, we are responding to the changes of the era, such as declining birthrates/aging population/population decline, the progression of the 4th Industrial Revolution, and the coming of an era of 100-year lifespans.  Looking towards the realization of regional revitalization, we are working towards the creation of a regional community where all residents of the prefecture can work, live, and grow in the areas that they are accustomed to living in.

Total budget scale for the annual revenue and expenditure 1.8517 trillion yen (compared to 65.9 billion yen previous year, increased 3.7%)

2. Brief Outlook on the Total Budget

(1)The revenues

  • Prefectural taxes etc.  increased by 68.7 billion JPY  (8.4%) due to the impacts of  tax system reforms such as an increase in local consumption tax rate.
  • National treasury disbursements increased by 14.2 billion JPY (6.8%) due to the utilization of national economic measures.
  • The 3 funds, including the public finance adjustment reserve fund, contributed 2.6 billion JPY  as a sports promotion fund investment, and 2.8 billion JPY for income/expenditure measures.

(2)The expenditures

  • Social security expenses increased by 13.4 billion JPY  (4.0%) due to early childhood education/childcare and higher education becoming free of charge, etc.
  • Public works expenses increased by 31 billion JPY (14.0%) due to the utilization of national economic measures.
  • Municipal grants etc. increased by 56 billion JPY (18.5%) alongside increased prefectural tax revenue due to tax system reforms
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