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Fukuoka Prefectures Attractiveness

(1)Wonderful Business and Living Environments

Proximity to Asian Cities.

 Fukuoka Prefecture serves not only as the center of Kyushu and Yamaguchi markets with a 15 million population, but also as the focal point of the Asian market, which attracts many businesses and special education institutes.

Moreover, in Fukuoka Prefecture, an area of harmony between business functions and rich environment, prices are stable compared to those of Tokyo and Osaka. The Prefecture offers excellent living and education environments, which help residents to live a relaxed life.

An Overview of Fukuoka Prefecture

Total Area Approx.4,987km²
Population 5,111,494 (October 2018 (present))
Number of Universities 34 (FY2018)
Prefectural GDP 18,957,487 million yen (FY2015)
Average Income per capita 2,724 thousandyen (FY2015)
Number of General Hospitals
(per 100,000)
9 facilities (October 2017 (present))


Fukuoka Prefecture enjoys a mild temperate climate and an appropriate amount of rain, which allows residents to live a comfortable life throughout the year.
Although it sometimes snows in winter, especially in the mountains, it seldom snows in urban areas.

(2)History, Nature, Culture

As seen from the existence of Dazaifu (the former imperial office governing Kyushu area) and Korokan (a former guest house for foreign embassies), Fukuoka Prefecture has long served as a gateway to the Chinese continent and the Korean peninsula. In its various areas, the prefecture still features famous sights with historic and cultural attractions.
Moreover, the prefecture features Kyushu National Museum and Fukuoka Asian Art Museum,among other cultural institutions, offering opportunities for visitors to experience Asian history and culture.
Fukuoka Prefecture is rich in nature; the Prefecture is not only surrounded on three sides by the sea, but is also located close to beautiful mountains. The prefecture is a perfect place for sightseeing, hiking and water sports.
Professional teams for popular sports such as Baseball and Soccer 'Fukuoka Soft Bank Hawks (Baseball), Avispa Fukuoka (Soccer) along with the Japanese national sport of Sumo, annual international Marathon and Women's Judo tournaments are held. A rich sporting environment.

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