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A message from the Governor regarding to novel coronavirus (COVID-19) infections

Over 100 COVID-19 cases in Fukuoka prefecture in a single day. We must prevent this infection from spreading even more. Once again, I ask for the cooperation of the prefectural residents and businesses.

1. For prefectural residents, to be very conscience of your actions and think that you might be infected and to be conscience to “not infect people” and “not get infected from people”.

(1)For outings, on the basis of your health conditions to check the infection situation of your destination, the prevention measures the facility has, and judge on the necessity of the outing.
Especially, infections from restaurants with close contact standout. Please refrain from going to places where they lack preventative measures. 
Also infections from dining is increasing. Please refrain from dinging and going out for drinks in large groups.

(2)Also when you go out, please follow the use of masks, washing your hands, physical distancing, and avoiding the 3Cs.

(3)Recently, about 60% of the infection are youths in their 20s and 30s and most of them are asymptomatic people. Especially, for youths to not spread it to elderly who will have serious symptoms, people with preexisting conditions, children and to follow request from above.

2.If you are sure that you are infected, then please follow the request of hospitalization and accommodation from the health centers swiftly.

3.For all business owners.

(1)To take the necessary preventative measures from the industry specific guidelines. Especially restaurants with close contact needs to take the necessary preventative measures.

(2)To also have the Prefectural Government’s sticker and such displayed so visitors and customers can understand it.

 Finally, please register the COCOA smartphone application to receive for more information on infection cases or the possibility of encountering infected.




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