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February 19th - 23th, 2017
Exchange with Thailand and Bangkok
February 11th - 13th, 2017
Exchange with Taiwan

Exchange with Thailand and Bangkok

Fukuoka Prefecture and Thailand have entered into a friendly cooperation, and from February 19th to 23rd, the Governor and Prefectural Assembly visited the capital of Bangkok.
The visiting group met with Aswin Kwanmuang, Bangkok's newly-appointed governor as of October 2016. At the meeting, among other matters, they agreed to a new memorandum of understanding with Bangkok which incorporated matters such as policies for the elderly as a central pillar of preventative care for senior citizens. Additionally, to attract visitors to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games camp areas, the group met with Thailand's Minister of Tourism and Sports, where they promoted the charms of Fukuoka, including the numerous international competitions held in the area, including sports.

Condolence call for the late King Bhumibol

Courtesy visit with Minister of Tourism and Sports Kobkarn

Courtesy visit with Governor Aswin

Conclusion of a memorandum of understanding regarding “the further strengthening of friendly relationships between Fukuoka Prefecture and Bangkok.”

Courtesy visit to Foreign Minister Don

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Exchange with Taiwan

Fukuoka Prefecture and Taiwan are advancing their exchanges in the economic, sightseeing, and cultural fields. From February 11th to 13th, the Governor and Prefectural Assembly visited Taiwan.
In October of 2016 the Kyushu National Museum opened the exhibit "Taiwan National Palace Museum Treasures." As a way of returning the favor, The Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum in Taiwan opened an exhibit "Japanese Art at Its Finest: Masterpieces from the Tokyo and Kyushu National Museums" which the visiting group went to see. The visiting group also visited the "Kyushu/Yamaguchi Cooperative Agricultural Fair" hosted by Taiwanese department stores, in order to promote Kyushu agricultural products.

At the National Palace Museum

At the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum

Kyushu/Yamaguchi Cooperative Agricultural Fair

A courtesy call with Chen Chien-jen, the Vice President of Taiwan

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