Fukuoka Prefectural Government (Administrative Organization)


Fukuoka Prefectural Government Organization Chart

Also, the executive branch includes the administrative committees, such as election administration commission, personnel commission, audit and inspection commission, and labor relations commission.

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Fukuoka Prefecture Comprehensive Plan

So that every prefectural citizen can feel happy to have been born in, to live Fukuoka prefecture, to aim for a Fukuoka which is ‘Number One in Japan on the Happiness Index’

To establish as society in which dreams and hope for the future are possible by increasing Stability, Safety, Security as the foundations of a Fukuoka which is number one in Japan on the Happiness Index

1 Term

5 Years (FY2012-2016)

2 Policy Initiatives

(1) Engage in the realization of 10 items
  • An active and growing economy and employment
  • A safe and secure environment devoid of disasters, crime and accidents
  • So that senior citizens and people with disabilities can be secure live life to the fullest
  • So that the female population can energetically participate in the workforce
  • So that the young may be raised in a secure environment
  • So that children and the young may follow and achieve their dreams in the future
  • So that everyone may live a happy and healthy life
  • A society where heart-warmth and human bonds are felt
  • So that we are in harmony with the environment and may live in accordance to it
  • So that we may enjoy a rich cultural life and be connected with the wider world

(2) From 3 perspectives detailed
  • To take in the vitality of Asia and to develop with Asia.
  • To take advantage of the character of each region, regional economies
  • To value the perspective of the person in the community, to increase the sense of happiness for each individual

(3) To establish a virtuous cycle through a PDCA cycle that heightens policy effectiveness
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Key Objectives for the Budget for Fiscal-Year 2016

1.  Fundamental Philosophy Behind the Budget Reform

Restructuring the 14-month budgetary plan which included the supplementary budget issued in February, 2015, Fukuoka Prefectural Government continues its effort to develop specific strategies for reaching its goals for population growth and regional advancement under the motto; "the Happiest Prefecture in the Country." Simultaneously, it aims to make progress toward achieving fiscal soundness in accordance with the "Administrative and Financial Reform Plan."

  • 1 Economic recovery and establishing more attractive employment opportunities.
  • 2 Providing social, marital, parental, and vocational support.
  • 3 Supporting women and senior citizens in the workforce.
  • 4 Developing globally viable talents.
  • 5 Initiating a safe and secure, mutually-supportive society.
  • 6 Creating a safe, secure, and disaster-resistant prefecture.

Total budget scale for the annual revenue and expenditure 1 trillion 802 billion and 600 million yen
the highest ever (up 25 billion and 700 million yen or 1.4% from pervious year)

2. Brief Outlook on the Total Budget

(1)The revenues
・A steady climb in corporate tax and consumption tax has helped the prefectural tax increase to 25 billion and 700 million yen (up 3.2%).
・Prefectural bonds has decreased to 11 billion and 100 million yen (down 4.5%) due to the reduction of extraordinary financial countermeasures bonds.

(2)The expenditures
・ Social security expenditure has risen to 5 billion and 500 million yen (up 1.8%) mostly credited to the aging population.
・ Public works expenditure is at 13 billion and 700 million yen (up 7.3%). It is also estimated to be at 11 billion and 100 million yen (up 5.4%) under the new 14-month budgetary plan.

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