Accesse to Fukuoka Prefecture

(1)From World’s Major Cities to Fukuoka

Fukuoka Prefecture is nearly equidistant from Tokyo and Shanghai. Seoul and Taipei can be visited in a one-day return trip. Hong Kong and even Beijing can be reached in just a few hours. In total, 23 major cities in Asia can be reached by over 672 weekly flights from Fukuoka. (As of September 2016)
(High-speed passenger ships connect Fukuoka and Busan, South Korea in less than 3 hours.)

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(2)From Japan’s Major Cities to Fukuoka

There are 53 flights per day between Tokyo and Fukuoka, making it the 2nd most flown flight in the country.
Total of 364 flights depart daily from Fukuoka Airport to 27 major cities and locations throughout Japan. (As of September 2016)

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(3)Fukuoka Prefecture Information Centers (Overseas Offices)

Fukuoka Prefecture has several offices around the world

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